welcome to my homepage



My name is Andre Bollweg, 
I'm a studied media designer working as a freelancer.
The focus of my work is sound-design, songwriting, music production and recording, mixing & mastering audio.
I'm grateful to work for music producer Peter Jordan www.pjmusic.de as co-engineer since 2014. 
Due to this cooperation I was involved in many songwriting camps and professional music/audio productions.
More fields I'm working in:
  • Video - Product videos for: Mesa Boogie, Lehle, Ceriatone Amplification, T-Rex and Hirschmann Guitars
  • More Video: documentations and editing of live concert material
  • Social Media pages and Graphics: Giant-X, PJ Music, Claudia Dechand, Sydney Eggleston, Rico Music
  • Pedalboards: Designing and building custom pedalboards (for guitar effects pedals) for musicians
  • Live Music: Singer and guitarist
  • Workshops: Wildland - The Band (team building workshop with musical background)

current projects